Brewiks Overview


Been using Brewiks for 3 months now, double batches every day. High gravity ales, Robust Porter, IPA, Double IPA, Barley wine, Pale ales... We replaced Braumaister 200 with Brewiks in our brewery called Mali Grad. It works like a charm, capable of heating water and wort fast(14 Kw heaters) never had a stuck mash- lauter. Because the lauter tun is big enough we make a big mash 130 kg of malt to get 700 l of wort in it for our pale ale and porter. Then sparge and boil the wort separatly 300 l two times. In 9 hour we get cca. of 600 l of cooled wort. So in my opinion it is very versitile, robust made. A great product and i would recommend it to every brewer. We a great succes we have on the market we are waiting for the Brewiks 500. So we will hopefully be able to keep up with demand.


A great microbrewery system that doesn't require much space but offers a lot of options in combination with the pump.


I really liked the simple-to-use approach, where you just plug the system and start brewing right away. The use of an integrated computer controller makes it very easy to control the situation and brew exactly the way you want to.


Brewing with Brewiks is easy and smooth. My favorite thing is how easy it is to clean everything once we finished a batch. Would buy it again!


It exceptional system in many ways: very small, very advanced, practical and includes everything most professional systems do. It looks great, has special way of mixing, no burning of mash due to thermal oil for heat transfer, innovative system for heating of sparging water and most importantly industrial grade touch screen computer with all logs on SD card. For our brewery most important point is that it is possible to make almost any kind of beer. We have chestnut beer, buckwheat, beer with potatoes and beans, etc. Bottom line: It’s great!

VIZIR brewery

Brewiks is a system that uses only the main boiler for mash and boil and the side boiler, for sparge and whirlpool. I am impressed with ease of use and ease of cleaning the system. Everything is on wheels so the system is easily operated and cleaned by a single person. Mashing proces is perfectly solved. The mash is constantly mixed and it holds temperature wery acurate. Sparge water heating system is also built in and it works on the fly, so you have sparge water available all the time. Built-in counterflow chiller was efective and very practical. Efficiency above 90 per cent was equally impressive. Nice practical system, brewers heven I would say.

Pivius Varilius

An almost handsfree 2 vessel brewing system capable of brewing around 250 liters with a brewhouse efficiency higher than 90%. Both kettles, the mash and boil kettle, which are in one vessel and the sparge and whirlpool kettle (also in one vessel), are heated with oil, which is in the insulated walls of the 2 kettles, so basically there is no direct heating (the oil never exceeds 120 degrees Celsius), which means no darkening of the wort. On the PID controller you set the temperature, the time and also the speed of the pump if you want to reach a higher temperature mashing step for example and you're good to go. The cleaning of the sparge/whirlpool kettle is easy: rake the spent grains and easily remove the false bottom (it has a nice handle that really helps) for cleaning. Slightly concaved bottoms of both the tanks also help in the cleaning process and minimal water usage. Both of the vessels are on wheels which is also very practical. Brewiks system is a great option for a brewpub or a pilot system in a bigger brewery for all your new recipe experiments. I recommend it and would also love to have one.

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