Brewing Products and Services

Neal H. Knapp, LLC provides a full line of brewing equipment, brewing spare parts and brewing packaging supplies to our customers.  Neal H. Knapp, LLC also provides brewing services including brewing plant construction and brewing maintenance and brewing engineering services.  Our managers and technicians have many years of brewing experience and have developed a large network of quality brewing manufacturers and proven brewing maintenance and brewing engineering systems to keep your plants running at high efficiency.

Brewing and Beverage Processing Equipment and Packaging Machinery

We provide full brewing and beverage processing systems from small low capacity brewing systems to large high capacity brewing systems and packaging lines from slow speed semi-automatic lines to high speed highly automated lines.



Brewing/Beverage Equipment
Grain Silos
Weighing Systems
Grain Conveying Systems
Mash Tuns
Lauter Tuns
Wort Grants
Brew Kettles
Wort Coolers
Yeast Handling Systems
Wort Aerators
Bright Beer Tanks
Serving Tanks
Water Tanks
Mixing Tanks
Storage Tanks
Jacketed Tanks
Insulated Tanks
CIP Systems
Home Brewing Kits
Distillation Systems


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Packaging Equipment

Case Conveyors
Bottle and Can Conveyors
Can and Bottle Rinsers
Can Closers
Crown and Cap Handlers
Full Can and Bottle Conveyors
Inspection Systems
Can and Bottle Dryers
Bottle and Can coders
Case Packers
Case Sealers
Full Case Conveyors
Keg Washers
Keg Fillers

Brewing and Beverage Packaging Supplies

We provide a wide range of brewing and beverage packaging materials. They are of high quality and can often be supplied in smaller quantities at competitive prices.

Beer Bottles.jpg

Beer Bottles:
Sizes: 12 Ounce, 22 Ounce
Color: Emerald Green, Amber, Flint (Clear)
Bottle Finish: Pry Off, Twist Off or CT Thread
Bottle Styles: Long Neck, Stubby Neck
Bottle Material: Glass, Plastic, Aluminum


Beer Bottle Crowns
Inner diameter: 26.75 ± 0.15mm
Outer diameter: 32.1 ± 0.20mm
Cap height: 6.65 ± 0.20mm
Teeth: 21pcs
Decorating: Plain Color (Gold, Silver, Etc.), 3 Color, 5 Color
Material: Tin Free Steel, Tin Plate Steel


Bottle Labels:
Material: Paper, Metalized Paper, Foil, Plastic
Adhesive: Wet Glue, Self Adhesive, APL
Sizes: Variable to Customer Requirements

Wine Bottles.jpg

Wine Bottles
Sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml, 187 ml, 375 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1 liter, 1.5 liter, 3 liter
Bottle Types (Shapes): Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Champagne, Mosel,and Alsace
Colors: Emerald Green, Flint (Clear), Amber
Bottle Finish: Cork, CT Thread

Wine Corks.jpg

Wine Bottle Corks
Sizes (Diameter): # 9 (for standard wine bottles), # 8 (for Champagne bottles and some 375 ml bottles)
Sizes (Length): 1.5 inches (for wine aged less than one year, 1.75 inches (for wine aged more than one year)
Materials: High grade natural cork, Filled medium grade natural cork, Bonded cork particle, Plastics

Half Barrel Keg.jpg

Half Barrel Beer Kegs
Type: Single Valve
Spear Connection: Drop In with retainer ring or screw type
Spear Types: Type D (ball valve) or type S (flat valve)
Material:  304 stainless steel
Capacity: One half barrel (15.5 U.S. gallons)

sixth barrel keg.png

Sixth Barrel Beer Kegs
Type: Single Valve
Spear Connection: Drop In with retainer ring or screw type
Spear Types: Type D (ball valve) or type S (flat valve)
Material:  304 stainless steel
Capacity: One sixth barrel (5.16 U.S. gallons)

Keg Spear - Valve.jpg

Single Valve Beer Keg Spears (Valves)
Types: Type D or Type S
Connection: Screw or Drop in with snap ring
Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Brewing and Beverage Spare Parts

We provide a wide range of spare parts for major equipment brands.  They are of high quality and often with a much lower price than OEM suppliers.

Spare Parts.jpg

Brewing Spare Parts For Fillers and Crowners
Specifications: Exact replacements for OEM parts
Material: Matches OEM
Quality: Equal to or better than OEM
Fillers Crowners and Bottle Labelers
Labeler Parts.jpg   Change Parts.jpg

Valves and Fittings.jpg

Valves and Fittings
Valve and Pipe Fitting Sizes U.S.: 1/2" to 4"
Valve and Pipe Fitting Sizes Metric: DIN 10 to DIN 102
Valve and Pipe Fitting Material: 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
Valve Styles: Butterfly, ball, gate and plug
Valve Connections: Tri-clamp, ACME thread, National Pipe Thread, Metric Thread
Pipe Fittings:  Adapters, 90 degree elbows, 45 degree elbows, couplings, etc.

Brewing Maintenance - Brewing Engineering Services

Whether you need a proactive or reactive service partner, Neal H. Knapp, LLC service has the right answer. With a highly skilled brewing service team committed to always supplying the best of services, both in planned preventative service and emergency breakdowns, you can rest assured we will reduce downtime and increase performance of your brewing plant and brewing machinery.

Brewery Maintenance 2.jpg

Complete Brewing Plant or Packaging Line Maintenance Surveys
Assessment: Our technicians will spend time in your plant to assess the operational efficiencies and determine the improvements needed to increase your productivity to high standards. 
Processes and Programs: We will help you build the necessary processes and programs to maintain your brewing plant operations at a high level after we leave the brewing facility.
Training: The technician will work with your brewing production and maintenance personnel to train them to achieve high brewing operator and maintenance standards. 

Packaging Line Maintenance.jpg

Brewing Machinery, Line or Complete Plant Overhaul
Purpose: To put your brewing facility in a maintainable state.
Brewing Spare Parts and Supplies: Can be provided by Neal H. Knapp, LLC or the customer.
Schedule: Our technicians will adjust their schedules to meet your brewing plant or line shut down.

filler_output.jpg Brewing Conveyor and Equipment Modifications
Conveyors: Conversions from table top chain to mat top to facilitate smooth product flow and eliminate tipped over containers.
Fillers: Upgrade valves to improve fills and air content.
Can Closers: Upgrade to new style lids (202, 204, etc.).
Bottle Crowners: Upgrade Crowners and screw Cappers to high efficiency heads and handling parts.

Brewery Layout.jpg

New Brewery Scope and Design
New Brewery Scope:  Tell us your needed output and we will determine the equipment needs for you.
Layouts and Design: Our experienced AutoCAD department will produce all the layouts needed to determine equipment placement and building requirements.
Utilities requirements: Our utility engineers can determine the equipment and sizes to meet your utility needs.

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