microbrewery vessel
Microbrewery Plants 35-80 hl of beer per brew
Complete microbrewery systems with capacities ranging from 25,000 hl up to 120,000 hl of beer per year. Fully equipped industrial breweries with 6-vessel brewhouses sized from 35 hl up to 80 hl of beer per brew. Our 6-vessel brewhouses are designed for 4, 5 up to 6 brews/daily. Both infusion and decoction mashing capable microbreweries producing all styles of beer.
Microbrewery Plants 10-35 hl of beer per brew
Microbrewery equipment with 2-vessel brewhouse sized from 10 hl up to 35 hl of beer per brew designed for 2 brews daily (3 brews/day on infusion mashing). Annual capacity of brewing equipment ranges from 2,000 hl up to 25,000 hl of beer per year. Space saving microbrewery plants with 1 vessel performing mashing, wort-boiling & whirlpool and 2nd vessel for lautering in top-unit & hot-water supply from lower-unit. Microbreweries constructed to produce all styles of beer from ales to lagers.
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