Refrigeration Equipment

We offer a full range of industrial ammonia compressors as well as commercial Freon® systems.  Whether it is a replacement compressor with specific requirements or a complete refrigeration room, we can supply compressors to suit your needs.  Neal H. Knapp, LLC series of compressors use high speed, multiple cylinders and are counter-flow reciprocating compressors, divided into two types; single and double stage. Our compressors are equipped with capacity regulating devices allowing them to start under no load conditions. They are also equipped with a three way valve for oil charging and draining, so the compressors can be charged with oil while running. The machines are connected to the motors directly with couplings. The compressing units consist of a compressor, motor, coupling, and automatic control panel, and are mounted on common bases. Our control panels are equipped with high and intermediate pressure relays and oil pressure relays, to ensure safe operation.

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Evaporative Condensers
We offer a full range of sizes of evaporative condensers.   They are typically used instead of water cooling towers and shell & tube type classic system condensers. Evaporative condensers expend 30% less energy because of their motor efficiency. Neal H. Knapp, LLC evaporative condenser coils are made from galvanized steel or stainless steel pipe depending upon the customer's specifications.  Our evaporative condensers are designed and produced to be free of problems with the bottom pool, coil, fan group, water circulation pump, water distribution system, PVC eliminator and filters.

Glycol Chillers 
Our glycol chillers are self-contained units with compressors from Danfoss in France and condensers built by our factory in China.  Our systems include 304 stainless steel glycol tanks that are jacketed and insulated, with a top man way that can be designed in other locations to suit the customer's needs.  Our systems use Danfoss expansion valves from Denmark and manometers from our Chinese plants.  Our electromagnetic valves are built by Castel in Italy and our filters are from Danfoss in Denmark. The back flow filters are from Emerson in the USA.  The systems contain all necessary valves from our Chinese manufacturers and the completed systems are assembled in our plant in China.

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Multi-Plate Coolers
Neal H. Knapp, LLC plate chillers can be designed to suit your needs with either self contained refrigeration systems or as chillers that use glycol or refrigerated water from other cooling systems.  Our units are built by our manufacturing plants in China and are designed specifically for the applications they will be used in.  The construction material can be totally 304 or 316 stainless steel or with carbon steel frames painted with lead free FDA approved epoxy paints with 304 or 316 stainless steel food contact plates and pumps.
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